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An Dreamweaver alternative.

NetBeans is a versatile and powerful development tool that can be a great alternative to Adobe Dreamweaver. One key advantage of NetBeans is that it is an open-source software, meaning it is free for anyone to use and customize. This can be a huge cost-saving benefit compared to Adobe Dreamweaver, which requires a subscription fee.

NetBeans offers a wide range of features that can cater to various web development needs. It supports multiple programming languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and more. This makes it a flexible choice for developers working on different types of projects.

One standout feature of NetBeans is its strong support for code editing. The software comes with advanced code editing tools that provide syntax highlighting, code completion, and error checking. These features can help developers write cleaner and more efficient code in less time.

Another advantage of using NetBeans over Adobe Dreamweaver is its robust project management capabilities. NetBeans allows users to organize their projects into folders and subfolders easily. This can help streamline the development process and improve overall productivity.

In addition, NetBeans has built-in version control integration, making it easier for developers to collaborate on projects with others. This feature can be particularly useful for teams working on web development projects.

NetBeans also offers a range of plugins and extensions that can enhance its functionality further. Users can customize the software to suit their specific needs by adding new features or tools through these plugins.

Overall, NetBeans provides a solid alternative to Adobe Dreamweaver with its versatility, robust features, and cost-effective nature. Developers looking to transition away from Adobe’s software may find NetBeans to be a suitable replacement that meets their web development requirements effectively.

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Blocs 💵

Blocs is fast, intuitive and powerful visual web design software, that lets you create responsive websites without writing code.

mac, ipados, ios

BlueGriffon 🌟 💵

A WYSIWYG content editor for web development.

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KompoZer 🌟 🧑‍💻

KompoZer is a free and open-source WYSIWYG HTML editor that makes web authoring easy and fun.

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PageFabric 🌟

PageFabric is a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use web page builder.


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Pinegrow is a desktop app that lets you build responsive websites with live multi-page editing, CSS & SASS styling, and smart components.

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Rapidweaver 💵

RapidWeaver is a powerful web design software for Mac that allows users to create beautiful, responsive websites without writing a single line of code.


Code Editor

NetBeans 🌟 🧑‍💻

An open-source IDE for Java, PHP, and web development.

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Nova 💵

Nova is a code editor designed by Panic for the Mac.


VSCodium 🌟 🧑‍💻

A community-driven, freely-licensed binary distribution of Microsoft's editor VSCode.

windows, mac, linux


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