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An Substance Painter alternative.

InstaMAT is an app designed to revolutionize your texturing workflow. If you’re considering a switch from Adobe’s Substance Painter, here’s why InstaMAT is a great alternative.

InstaMAT boasts a simple, intuitive interface. No steep learning curve here. Even beginners can get up to speed quickly. This means less time learning and more time creating.

Despite its simplicity, InstaMAT is packed with powerful features. You’ll find everything you need for high-quality texturing. From advanced material blending to real-time rendering, InstaMAT has it all.

Speed and Performance

InstaMAT is optimized for speed. It runs smoothly even on mid-range hardware. This ensures a lag-free experience, allowing you to focus on your work without interruptions.

InstaMAT is available on both Windows and macOS. No need to worry about platform limitations. Enjoy a consistent experience regardless of your operating system.


Tired of expensive Adobe subscriptions? InstaMAT offers a one-time purchase option. Save money in the long run with no hidden fees. This makes it a budget-friendly choice for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Graph-Based Workflows

The InstaMAT Element Graph lets you design powerful networks for content and data processing. Create 3D assets, manipulate point clouds and images, or perform complex calculations with ease.

InstaMAT ships with thousands of handcrafted nodes and stunning materials. From asphalt to wood, photorealistic to stylized, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips.

InstaMAT’s Layering and Element Graph projects can be automated. Use InstaMAT Pipeline for a command-line interface or batch process to texture entire classes of assets efficiently.

The non-destructive layering engine allows for beautiful, scalable materials. InstaMAT’s Smart Materials and 3D Painting Technology help you go from nothing to a fully textured asset in minutes.

Easy Integration

InstaMAT integrates easily with other tools in your workflow. Whether it’s Photoshop (or an alternative) or Blender, you’ll find compatibility and ease of use. This seamless integration enhances productivity.

Secure and Private

Your work is your own. InstaMAT ensures your projects are secure and private. No data mining or intrusive tracking. Your creative process remains confidential.

InstaMAT works offline, ensuring you can create anytime, anywhere. No internet? No problem. Your projects are always within reach.

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InstaMAT 🌟 💰 💵

Elemental tools for the design and automation of 3D materials, texturing and asset pipelines

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Material Maker 🌟 🧑‍💻

A procedural texture generation tool that is free to use.

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